Ocean freight

Reliability is the key concept at iLogistics. Our expertise is based on long-lasting partnerships with large global shipping lines. We are able to offer our clients an active and strong service to find and establish optimal solutions for all their shipping needs. Our result-targeted organization allows us to guarantee both regional and global shipments with outstanding and unique effectiveness. Due to our long experience in the field, iLogistics manages to offer these quality services with competitive rates and providing customers with fixed and reliable transit times.


Air freight

Our company has proved itself through a steadily strong performance as an air freight forwarder, an is up to use the most modern and forward-thinking solutions. Our success stems from being able to provide the fastest flights on the most suitable routes with the best packing options. We are here to help you in finding the best available oppurtunities for the services you request choosing the best suited environment for you shipments is our core mission. Being able to satisfy that on a regular basis defines our success.

Transport services

At iLogistics, it is our deepest belief that providing our customers with results based on their individual expectations is fundamental. Our expertise allows us to offer transportation services tailored to each client's specific needs. This includes but is not limited to coming up with individual solutions for you, setting up your own individual route according to your specific needs. We are able to guarantee our clients a smooth and viable solution, which fully assesses and tackles all aspects and different moments of the shipment process. Shipping routes can be both international and domestic depending on the specifications of your freight.


iLogistics offers a flexible and core focused third-party logistics (3PL) services, specialized in integrating logistics operations, warehousing, distribution, customs and transportation. 3PL services gives us the ability to hold superior knowledge, flexibility and global reach. It is important for us to deliver a cost effective, streamlined and efficient supply chain management to our clients and to be known as a loyal third-party logistics provider.


4PL is one step higher from 3PL services and as a reliable 4PL service offering company, iLogistics has a full service portfolio suitable for 4PL, including supply chain design and planning, logistics and distribution, purchasing and procurement, customs brokerage and international trade service, as well as freight services via ocean, air or ground. This means, that we are giving our clients service using all possible options in the market, providing individual and unique solutions.

Customs And Foreign Trade

In a world where international custom requirements in trade are constantly growing and steadily developing, iLogistics has the ability and experience to achieve your success. Our professional crew knows how to tackle the challenge of offering the best possible service to our clients. We provide our customers with an all-encompassing support in all strategic and operational matters, namely in the fields of compliance and export/import management.

Freight Insurance

iLogistics provides our clients trustworthy and safe freight insurance services, having all you need to insure your freight without depending where the destination is or how big is the shipment. Arranging your freight insurance upon request gives your company strong financial protection with our services. It is possible to make either a single policy for a single shipment or a long-term policy or the so-called open cover policy (normally for a term of 1 year) for several cargo shipments.

Warehousing and Distribution

We are confident in confirming we have the facilities, necessary expertise and knowledge in helping you finding different logistics and distribution solutions with us. You are getting satisfying results whether you need short-term regional storage services or long-term warehousing - we are experienced in finding functional and most productive outcome. All the distribution solutions from us are a strategic way to add value to your business.

KPI Management

KPI management is highly important for a company in measuring how well they are achieving their goals and objectives. We are here to help you do that effectively: defining, measuring and evaluating key figures is an important component in order to ensure long-termed high quality and optimal cost structures through transparency.